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Top 10 Most Amazing Fielders in Cricket History

Top 10 Most Stunning Fielders in Cricket History

All of us know that cricket is not only the game of batting and bowling, and most of the times you must hear from analysts that fielding is also the important department of cricket. If a team wants the top position in rankings, so that team must have to be perfect in all 3 of them, batting bowling and fielding as well. In the early ages of cricket fielding is not such important part of cricket but fielding make place gradually by time. And then world of cricket witnessed “Jonty Rhodes”, South African fielder and Batsman totally changed the levels of fielding standards in cricket world and raises the levels for other cricketers to approach. And after that world of cricket witnessed the great fielders time by time and this list got the higher numbers daily. Today we bring the list of Top 10 Most Stunning Fielders in Cricket History.

Top 10 Most Amazing Fielders in Cricket History

10. Mark Waugh

Former Australian team leader Mark Waugh is at # 10 in this list of amazing cricket fielders in this world. Mark Waugh was an amazing fielder and was dynamic and active while on field. You can’t find himself drop any catch as a slip fielder, he was always find as a sharp fielder in the field.

9. Roger Harper

West Indian cricketer Roger Harper holds the 9th place in this list of amazing fielders in the history of cricket. Harper takes his place in the side due to his fielding more than a batsman or bowler. He was always on field for West Indies, even when he was not in the playing XI. You can find his name in every playing XI as a 12th man due to his fielding. He helps many legendary bowlers to take wickets during their career.

8. Paul Collingwood

At #8 of this list of Top 10 Most Stunning Fielders in Cricket History, we have English all-rounder Paul Collingwood. Paul Collingwood was more outstanding fielder then the batting or bowling. Cricket viewers always love to watch him on field. He helps English team to win many matches with his fielding, with his match winning catches with his runs saving fielding. Collingwood was of the best fielders English team ever had.

7. Andrew Symonds

On other Australian all-rounder take place in this list and land at the 7th place in the best cricket fielders of all time in cricket history. We all admit that Symonds had a controversial career due to his attitude problem but we all must remember him for his cricket talent, he was an outstanding fielder along with classical batting and bowling skills. He helps Australian side to win many matches with his eye-catching performance in all 3 departments. He was a destructive batsman and destroys any bowling attack. He saves many runs while he fields on Point and Cover region.

6. Kieron Pollard

On #6 we bring Kieron Pollard for you, West Indian All-Rounder with the height more than 6 feet. He is one of the best fielders for West Indies side ever have, he is also a hard hitting batsman and a part time bowler for his side. He is one of the most amazing All-rounders in the world at this time. He is an important part of his sides in IPL and PSL. Cricket lovers wants to watch him active in the field as a fielder also as well as batsman or bowler.

5. AB Develiers

After half of the list now you will going to read about Mr. Perfect in cricket, he is no other than South African cricket star AB Develiers. A blasting batsman, an active fielder and also a dynamic wicket keeper. Every cricket lover wants to watch his 360 style batting. He is probably the best cricketer during this era. I personally like to watch his fielding as well as his batting. I loves to watch him when he catches the ball like a superman.  He is no doubt world-class fielder.

4. Herchell Gibbs

South African side is lucky to have most active and amazing fielders always in their playing XI. African opening hard-hitting batsman Herchell Gibbs holds the 4th place in this list of most amazing cricket fielders of all time. He takes the fielding to totally new levels. All cricket lovers always remember him for his amazing catches, and spectacular fielding. It is very hard for any batsman for passing the ball while he fields on point region.

3. Ricky Ponting.

Former Australian skipper Ricky Ponting “Ponter” is on the 3rd place in this list of Most Amazing Cricket Fielders of All Time. He was a calm batsman, he was a Worldcup wining captain for Australian side. Once he said that he wants to be part of whole game while he knew that he can’t be a good bowler at all so he focused to be a good fielder. And all of us know how good he focused on his fielding. He was the best fielder for Australia during his career. We always remember him as one of the Top 10 Most Stunning Fielders in Cricket History.

2. Adam Gilchrist

Former Australian test star Adam Gilchrist is on the 2nd place in this list of Top 10 Best Fielders of all time. Most of the cricket lovers know that he was only a wicket keeper but he was an amazing fielder in all parts of the ground. He was also a classical batsman for his side. He plays all 3 formats for his national side. No doubt he was #1 wicket keeper of all times.

1. Jonty Rhodes

At #1 in this list of Top 10 Out class fielder in history of Cricket we have Jonty Rhodes, and I hope everyone agree with this selection on this position. You can say that with him South African side had the advantage like an extra fielder with them at that time. Every one watches him when he flew like a superman and catches the ball or when he was going for a run out. I guess every one remember his fielding in worldcup 1992.

I hope all of you like this list of Top 10 Most Stunning Fielders in Cricket History. You can share your views in the comments below.

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