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Zong Internet Packages 2017

Zong Internet Packages – Zong is best Mobile Network all over in the Pakistan and Zong only Mobile Network which has 4G and 3G both service’s and you can Subcribe 3G and 4G both Packages Zong Internet Packages in3G and 4G service area. After lunched 3G and 4G Mobile Network getting more success to achieve targets. Because on 2G internet service cant get goals. Every body knows 2G very slow internet speed service and 3G fast speed internet service and 4G is 100% double than the 3G. On lunching Day of 3G everybody was guessing Ufone or jazz will buy 4G but when news came about Zong buy 4G its also very Amazing Also Zong Network provide best internet , Calling and other Goof service’s to user’s and Zong became popular think and fast in quick time.

Zong Internet Packages

Zong trying to provide best Zong Internet Packages 3G and 4G and these Internet Packages also in very cheap rate’s. This network provide us all type Zong Internet Packages Daily , weekly , monthly also night base and Sunday Packages. Zong Also provide Social Internet Packages in which Facebook , Whats App and Twitter Packages in very low price. In short we can get any Zong Internet Packages which we want to use according to self.

Daily Zong Internet Packages

These are Zong Daily Internet Packages which we can use for 1 day if we want to use 1 day internet Packages.

Bundle Name Price Volume Sub Code
Daily Basic RS. 15 100MB *6464#
Daily Data Max RS. 35 500MB *6464#

Weekly Zong Internet Packages

Zong give us very amazing weekly internet Packages which i can use 7 days and enjoy 3G and 4G for 7 days non stop Entertainment with these Packages.

Bundle Name Price Volume Sub Code
Basic Weekly RS. 70 700MB *6464#
Super Weekly RS. 100 2GB *6464#

Monthly Zong Internet Packages

If we compare other Zong Internet Packages monthly is better than all because these have lot more data in small price for full month and its have more choice’s because lots a monthly Internet Packages. Just subscribe one time and Enjoy all month and Enjoy Zong 3G and 4G in fast speed non stop.

Bundle Name Price Volume Sub Code
Monthly mini RS. 50 150MB *6464#
Monthly Basic RS. 150 500MB *6464#
Monthly 2G RS. 300 2GB *6464#
Monthly 6GB RS. 600 6GB *6464#

Now Enjoy All Zong Internet Packages and Enjoy fast internet speed with 4G , 3G with Zong network Don’t forget to appreciate my this effort for you comment below and share this on FB wall.

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